Tuesday, July 31, 2012

best summer yet

I need:
More sleep, less tumblr.
More money, less work.
More time, less goodbyes.
More hours in the day, less places to be.

I don't want this summer to end.
It has been perfect.
If it weren't too late, I'd stay here.

This summer has made me decide I will never make a life decision based on another person again.
Because no one is permanent.

But anywhere I go now, I'm going to take this feeling with me;
This feeling of happiness and destiny and daring possibilities.
I feel so liberated and for the first time in the longest time, I feel so... Me.
I feel like everything has fallen into place.
These past few months have been some of the best of my life.

And I'll never forget this summer.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i'm picky because i can be

Me, explaining my views on why settling for something less than exactly what you want in a man is the most ridiculous thing that our girl world participates in.

No offense to anyone I've dated, but I have settled far too often. Not always, but the majority of my brief three year dating period, yes.
For someone who was totally wrong for me, I just didn't want to hurt feelings.
For someone who I "clicked" with, even if we didn't have the same morals.
For someone who I didn't click with, but made me feel less lonely.
For one who made me feel like I was in love, but in reality, we had nothing in common.

Not to say that they aren't great guys, but they're not for me.
And I've come to realize, as of late, the things that really do matter to me in a man, and the ones that don't.
[Of course I had to learn these things through trial and error, and most of my dislikes have come from qualities I've seen, all part of the learning process.]

So here I go. These may seem petty or stupid or maybe even shallow to some of you. I'm fine with that, these are my preferred qualifications, not yours.

If you flake out on me, it makes me not want to try. At the present moment, I am sick of the following phrases:
*I don't care, you should think of something for us to do.
*Hey come visit me.
*You choose.
*We can just hang out.. Idk lol
*I wanna see you, idk when I have time though
*Yeah, I guess we'll just see
JUST ONCE, I would like a boy to come to me and say: Would you like to go out with me to do a fun activity I have planned at this time and on this day? Just one time.
I understand schedules may not work out, and so on. But why do I have to plan everything? If you don't make an effort to see me, I don't want to be putting in 95% while you put in 5%. No sir.
If you want to see me, you'll find a way to see me; a true test.

Secondly: Laziness. I do not want to sit here and work 40-50 hours per week while said boy of interest is sitting on his butt, unshowered, and playing video games. Some people have seriously had their life handed to them, never worked a day in their lives. Which isn't their fault, they didn't control how their parents raised them.
But we are all adults here, so get up, clean yourself up, and be a man. Work to save, work to spend, I don't care. But if you have no work ethic, I do not find you attractive.

Be smart. There are two kinds of smart. Intelligent smart and common sense smart. You should probably try to have both. Intelligent smart: Okay, so you aren't a genius, that's totally fine, I'm not either. But please learn the difference between your and you're. I don't expect perfect grammar, but could you at least use a question mark at the end of your question while texting? Show that you care just the tiniest bit about actually hearing the answer. And then there's common sense: If a girl has not texted you back since the last time you texted her, in the same day, DO NOT text her again. (Of course there are exceptions i.e. her being your gf etc etc. But if you hardly know her..) If a girl wants you to be texting her, she will be replying or give you a reason why her replies are lacking in speed. Just be smart about stuff, there's no need to send someone seven texts in a row when they very well could be ignoring you.

Be mature.

Loyalty. Now, I'm not just talking about staying faithful. I'm talking about sticking up for me (or said girl of interest). If someone is talking bad or making fun, come to my defense. I don't care if we met today or I've been dating you for a year or two, I will be fiercely loyal to my friends and family till the day I die. I feel like it isn't that much to expect the same.

Be supportive, whether things are going your way or not. When you ask me to "come hang out with you" and I tell you I have a family party with extended family, or I have a church function, whatever the case may be, the correct reply is NOT: "Oh sounds lame. You should ditch them and come see me!" Yeah, now that you say that, I want to date you.. (This is where sarcastic font would come in handy.) Let me know you're disappointed because you wanted to see me, but don't try and talk me out of something I love. Family and church come first to me. They will never be too lame for me. (See, this all comes back to: If you really want to see me, you'll make an effort. We can reschedule for a time that works for the both of us!)

Okay, I'm sure by the end of this you all think I'm the most high maintenance girl in the world, although I don't feel like any of this stuff is THAT ridiculous to ask of a man.
I'm not asking you to pay for my nails and go shopping with me and take me out on expensive, extravagant dates and watch The Notebook every week. I don't want you to clear out your whole schedule for me. I simply want someone to meet me in the middle.

50/50. I'm not sure if this idea is skewed, but I thought that's how it works.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

despite my lack of recent posting

I'm going to begin again to blog. Even if no one reads this dusty old book anymore, I decided it's better for my mental health to write all this nonsense I call life, out into the open atmosphere we call the internet. Rather than to keep it in the back of my head; to rattle around and make me think far too much. So I just decided to take a looksee at my blog, I haven't looked at it since the last time I posted. Oi. It needs a major overhaul. I'd better get to work.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I think I might

Start just posting everything I post on my tumblr [that I write] onto here... I'm kind lame.

So if you want my tumblr, ask.
Or you can continue to read this.

Yippee for life.
It's really good.

I'm happy for everyone who is happy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I thought I saved it as a draft.

I can't believe I deleted it.

I thought I for sure I would have kept it somewhere.. Nope.

It's gone. I wonder if you have a copy.
I would rewrite it if I had to.

You always fought for me.
Should I fight too?
I want a friendship.

Is that too much to ask?
With us.. Maybe it is.

All my love,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Something I Wrote Last Night

November 13, 2011

I know when I start to truly care about something. 
My face gets really hot, I feel heated.
Pink on the surface.
And there's this lump in my throat.
Something I can't force down. Won't go away.
That's when I know I've lost it. I really do care.
More than breath. More than I did before. I care too much.
And I scare me, Badly. So badly, that tears sting the back of my eyes. I won't let them. But they're there.
That's when I know I truly, deeply care.
I hate when I start to care.
Maybe I'm just scared of caring more than you do.

L.E. Morrow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Math signs

Tumblr is greater than or equal to blogger.

BBQ Lays > any other chips.

Water < Dr Pepper.

Sharing your life with someone > anything imaginable.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Name

Last night I had a dream.
In the dream, I had a seizure.
And when it was over, I awoke and all I would say was his name.

I called out for him. Over and over again.
The only person I wanted was him.

And then I woke up.

"Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they're gone."

You know how stubborn I am. But I'll just admit it. I'll just say it.
I miss you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Chapter

I don't think I could have thought of a more cliche title.

I'm going to start blogging at least weekly again.
That, my friends, is not an empty promise.

And why? Because as my platitude of a title says, I'm starting a new chapter.

I've moved into a new apartment with two other girls. They're both on the rugby team and both swear like sailors. Which means I have begun that habit as well.
There is never a dull moment.

Long story short, we, along with about three hundred students got kicked out of our on campus housing and were forced to relocate. You can read the story here.
Disaster to say the least.

I broke up with recent boyfriend. Things like that are hard, but it's for the best.

I am beginning to love Cedar City. So many mini hippie shops here. Which means awesome posters and great jewelry for cheap cheap cheap.
And as a college student, that's my favorite word. Actually, I should probably say inexpensive. Doesn't sound very classy to say my favorite word is cheap.. Hah.

I have so much I feel like I want to say right now, but another time I suppose.

Xoxo Lu

Thursday, October 6, 2011

black ops?

i'm bored out of my mind.
finished all my homework, and my boyfriend and his roommate are playing black ops.

i'm wearing a beanie from walmart right now. it's definitely not mine. might be slater's?
i'm so hungry right now. mickey d's sounds amazing.
mmm. college food. hah.

life is super unexciting right about now.
food. homework. study. random stuuuuuff.
cupcakes. sierra and i love cupcakes.

aren't we just awkwardly great?
so as previously spoken about, the wiz-little hippie shop-, has AAAAMAZING rings. amazing. and not badly priced either. i wanted to spend about a hundred dollars there. i got three.
waiting for my bank account to allow more.

i'm so poor right now. i really need a job.

i feel like all my blog posts are the same.

oh. it snowed today. tada.
i hate it already.

you know what bothers me......?
hahaha, there are quite a few out there..
i'm over crazy people.

mm. i think i want to go make me some Ramen with yellow peppers.
oh wait, boyfriend just said he will buy me mcdonalds. :)
he is a goooooood person.
haha, but really, besides buying me mcdonalds, he is still awesome.

okay. well this has been a very uneventful post.
fun fact: duane almost made me pee my pants today with his childhood stories.... hilarious.

xoxo. Laura.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't stop listening.


Would You Like To Know?

Wanna know something ridiculous? Like is freaking amazing; so amazing.

Uhm, college is the time of my life.
I live off of the following: chip&salsa, nutella tortillas, and ramen with yellow peppers in them. aaahmazing.
i go to class occasionally... ha, just kidding. i go to class. i study. i feel like i'm doing well.
today. get this. okay, it might blow your mind.

i studied ONE subject, for a whole hour. STUDIED. who am i??
i better rock my history test tomorrow.

as for social life. i have awesome friends.
ryan lights up my life. he is retarded. and i love it.
he is one of those people that can INSTANTLY make me laugh.

sierra and i are like soul mates.
we are meant to be. haha, we have the same reactions to situations, and we have too much fun together.
we found a really tiny and cool hippie shop here in the small town of cedar city. its called "The Wiz."
i have a feeling i'll be spending lots of money there.

well, if i had money. the only thing that would make my life better right now is if i had a job. i feel like i've applied anywhere and everywhere. i am running out of money very quickly.. and i am slightly panicked.
but i am trying to just enjoy the ride, and take what comes and love it.

life is working out according to His plan... I just have to trust.
this is the way things are supposed to be.

today, i wrote a letter. and i am committing to send it.
i hope you will understand.

right now is a time in my life where i need to do what is best for me.
and i am trying to use my best judgement.

these are so many random thoughts meshed together.
speaking of random.
I MISS MY FAVORITE ASIAN. Ali Lindsey is probably one of my favorite people on earth.

sigh. school.... MAN. college is HARD.... hahaha.
xoxox Laura

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i love college. eyyyy.

so i haven't blogged in forever and a day.
and for that, i apologize.

i am now living on my own.
going to suu.
hanging out with my three favorite boys.
we are the core four and they are already some of my best friends.

also have a core four with some girls in my hall.
they are sweet.

living on my own is the bomb.
but i need a job.
i am so poor right now.
i have about 25 dollars to my name.

i'm losing weight like crazy and i love it.
i straightened my hair today for the first time in almost a year probably?

my life is still pretty boring.
i've noticed this in the past week: i am awkward around girls.
i like hanging with dudes a lot better.
video games.

i hate girls..

that's all for now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

so i just got a new keyboard for my ipad.

and it is for sure a gooooooood time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

If I Choose

I am going to start laughing more and crying less.
I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself.
I'm going to start wearing more fun and spunky outfits like I wore today.
(I would post a picture.. But I can't figure it out via iPad. Any tips would be very appreciated!)

I'm going to continue to ride the pink, beach bike. Everywhere I can.
And continue listening to the oh so wonderful voice of Andrew Allen; if you like goodness, I would suggest checking him out.
And Parachute. He Is We. Damato. I Call Fives. Sparks The Rescue.
Greatness of all sorts.
In fact, I want to be listening to music 23 out of 24 hours of the day.

Hang out more with people who matter to me and I matter to them.
And less with people who don't.

Smile more. Why not?

Make more friends and less enemies.
I'm going to stop caring about what I eat.

I've started going to the gym every friday. And I'm going to continue to do it. And feel great.
I'm going to just wear my hair curly every day, let it loose, let it go wild.

More juice.

I went to the farmers market and got henna and had delicious samples.
Went on a blind date last night to a Real soccer game. What a blast.
Went to two concerts this week, both so different and so enjoyable.

I do lead a lovely life.
So what if continual hardships come my way? Nothing I can't handle, yeah?

I am going to stop going out and spending money on food.
Im going to dance in more places, and take chances. And risks.

Goodness. Today is an epiphany sort of day.

Much love, Laura.

Monday, June 20, 2011


maybe i don't have room in my life right now.

i've had one true friend lately.
i'm frustrated and tired.
working every day.
going to concerts on thursday and friday.
BEYOND excited.. it'll be much needed.

i love summer.
got a new room/switched with my sister.
my closet is HUGE. :)

got an Ipad 2 for graduation.

i'm going to bed.
that is my stupid update on life.